Teachings on Pure Dzogchen

Teacher |  Geshe Namgyal


1-5 pm  |  Next Session Sunday December 9th

This course will be based on Geshe Namgyal’s new book, Pure Dzogchen. The Dzogchen teaching directly introduces Dharmakaya or primordial Buddhahood. This is attained by means of one practice: single-pointed meditation on the Natural Mind. The meditator passes beyond mind and encounters the inconceivable vastness of the natural mind and ultimate truth. All delusions, ignorance and emotions are liberated.


Geshe Dangsong Namgyal is a Yungdrung Bön Dzogchen lineage holder and Tibetan Rimé teacher. He entered the monastery in Tibet at a young age and eventually left Tibet seeking more in-depth teachings. He spent 25 years studying and teaching at Menri and Sera Je monasteries in India and Tritsen Norbutse Monastery in Nepal.

As a researcher of Tibetan history, culture and religion, he has presented at numerous conferences and seminars around the world, has written nine books in Tibetan. His most recent release is his new book, Pure Dzogchen: Zhang Zhung Tradition.

His teachings are profoundly simple: Mind, at the deepest level is already whole and complete, being clear, radiant, and peaceful.

As a scholar, author and meditation master, Geshe Namgyal brings a warmth, humility, and approachability to these teachings which seems rare. There is a quality of openness, intimacy, and depth that is palpable.

Suggested Donation: $10-20
Book Available for purchase: $20

Learn more about Geshe Mangyal at: kunsanggarcenter.org