Self-Knowledge & Non-Dual Wisdom

Wednesdays 7-9  |  Meets Every Week | By Donation

Meditation & Teachings | All are Welcome

This class is is designed to help people find freedom and happiness that does not depend on other people or things. True and unassailable happiness and freedom comes from recognizing your true nature as limitless nondual awareness. The class includes meditation, teachings and discussion. We are currently studying “Self Knowledge” (Atma Bodha), an Advaita text that masterfully unfolds the true nature of the self. It is led by Hal Blacker, who is authorized to teach in both Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen and Indian Advaita Vedanta lineages.Hal is the founder of Real Dharma: This gathering is for both beginners and experienced meditators.

This class is led by longtime practitioner and teacher Hal Blacker.


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Real Dharma is a non-sectarian group dedicated to helping people find inner freedom through directly recognizing their true nature as limitless awareness and fullness.