Discovering Inherent Freedom


Wednesdays 7-9p  |  Open Gathering Meets Weekly | By Donation

Meditation, Teachings and Discussion with Hal Blacker


About the Teaching

Non-dual wisdom directly shows us that our true nature is happy, whole, free and complete. We can learn to recognize this inner freedom, happiness and fulfillment, and live it moment to moment.

Non-duality” points to our essential unity with all of life and all beings. Recognizing this fundamental unity, we learn to directly see ourselves, others and all of life as sacred. Non-duality is timeless and universal. It is the heart of spiritual understanding and experience and is clearly revealed in the Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta.

We meet weekly to meditate, reflect on and discuss these teachings, and to share and enjoy intrinsic peace, freedom and joy.

About Hal Blacker

Hal Blacker began his spiritual search at an early age and studied with a number of spiritual teachers, most recently with Swami Dayananda, Carol Radha Whitfield and Anam Thubten. He has trained and is authorized to teach in both Indian Advaita Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhist lineages. Hal has been teaching for over eight years. While deeply grounded in non-dual traditions, Hal’s approach is modern and accessible.

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