OpenEye is about Community, Creativity, Dharma and Shared Inquiry

Our intention is to offer a space where creativity and community can come together around mindfulness practices and meditations—to cultivate the opportunity to investigate with focused curiosity the Dharma and share the experiences of day-to-day practice and meditation with a joyful creative heart.

Meditation gatherings are offered freely. Donations support the teachers and rent for our meditation space.

The OpenEye meeting physical space is Closed since Covid made holding the physical location open unsustainable. We are still exploring the possibility of opening another physical location, but nothing has solidified yet.


Tarané Sayler
Director at OpenEye

Certifications and Training

Certified QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Practitioner

Master Hypnotist Certification, Hypnotherapy Certification- Hypnosis Training Institute.

Member of ACHE and Certified with the American Council of Hypnosis Examiners

Learn more about Tarané’s private hypnotherapy practice at:

The combination of mindfulness meditation training and multiple hypnosis certifications gives Tarané a unique set of skills that enables her to bring a deeply centered and heart felt approach to hypnotherapy and leading meditation.

Tarané, a long-time dedicated Buddhist practitioner and artist, is also involved with several Buddhist groups in the area. She has enjoyed the privilege of being on the board of directors for Dharma Eye Zen Center, and has done occasional quest teaching at Rick Hanson’s San Rafael Meditation Group at Dominican University. In 2012 she took vows in the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma tradition with Anam Thubten Rinpoche, becoming a member of the Vidyadhara.

Tarané’s practice includes sitting and studying in the traditions of Zen, Theravda, Tibetan Buddhism as well as Advita Vendanta. Currently she is particularly interested in the growing movement toward a secular Buddhism and the evolution of Buddhism as it is folded into our Western culture.

Having a strong creative inclination, Tarané loves to combine creativity/art and the dharma. She is very excited about offering creative classes that weave Buddha’s teachings and meditation into the creative process. Her Monday Meditation & Collage class is held at OpenEye twice each monthly when the series are in session.

Tarané is dedicated to the studying of the Buddha’s words from the Pali Canon as well as contemporary Buddhist writings. In the spirit of creating Sangha she was inspired in 2014 to organize the Tuesday Meditation and Discussion group. Since then, with Tarané’s out-reach efforts and encouragement, OpenEye had evolved to include several meditation gatherings each week. However since Covid, the meetings have not regained their attendance, the physical location isn’t holding gatherings at this time.