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COLLAGE ART MAKE UP DAY: 20.00 Oct 29, 5-7pm
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Meditation & Art Series

Seeds of Light | Meditation & Collage Art Series

Cultivate your “Seeds of Light” and uplift the mind, body & spirit. What are seeds of light? Simply put, they are your natural energizing positive states of mind that bring you a sense of well-being.

Dates: Oct 8, 22 | We begin making cards from our Collage Art on Nov. 5

Mondays 5:30-7pm| OpenEye Studio | 875 4th St. | San Rafael CA

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Meditation & Collage
When we settle the mind for a moment with meditation and then let our creativity and intuition come forward, we connect with the symbolism of the unconscious and leave behind the mundane mind. We take a break from the tensions of our everyday life. Our inner guidance and wisdom can come through our collage work and offer expression to what words can not convey. And it’s fun!

The Inspiration
It can seem that at this time we are constantly being bombarded with many reasons to feel pulled down into low energy dark places. And we may not take the time to consciously raise our energy back up. To counter balance that downward pull, this meditation and art series was created as an opportunity for you to nurture the light in you, uplifting your spirit by cultivating higher energy states. The series offers several sessions because repetition is important in the process of creating a “brain habit”— to integrate these uplifting states of higher energy. This series will meet regularly twice a month. You can come to just a few sessions if you like, but best to come to them all. And as a beautiful reminder to re-energize your “seeds of light”, by the end of the series, you’ll have created your own personal deck of 14 “seeds of light” cards.

The Flow
Each session will begin with a short guided meditation followed by our art project: a creative collage on a 6” x 8” card, based on the theme of the meditation (for example Joy). Each session will have a different theme. By the end of the series, your collage art cards will build to form your own deck of “Seeds of Light” cards. All materials supplied. The complete “Seeds of Light” card deck will include: Joy, Higher Self, Love Energy, Tranquility, Gratitude, Curiosity, Groundedness, Equanimity, Compassion, Generosity, Expansion, The Divine, Loving-Kindness, Wholeness.