Celebrating Grateful Living

Second Saturday of the month


What is a Grateful Gathering?

It is a regular coming together of those who are interested in developing and sharing gratefulness. Living gratefully can be even more rewarding when we share our struggles, growth, and inspiration in community. Gratefulness Gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to explore grateful living as an orientation to life. We do this through thoughtful conversation and the sharing of our support and collective wisdom. If you would like to experience, deepen and share the power of grateful living, please join us.

It would be ideal if attendees could join this gathering on a regular basis, each month to develop a sense of ongoing connection and continuity.

The Gratefulness Gathering program was initiated and is guided by Bother David, a monk who has developed the concept and shares this work through the website:


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About The Facilitator

David Nunez is not a teacher, a monk or a guru, only a volunteer whose life has been enriched by attempting to live gratefully. David is offering the service of facilitating the gathering in accordance with guidelines set forth by Brother David as found at:

A Network for Grateful Living.