Forgiveness Meditation

Sundays 11-12pm

875 4th St.  |  San Rafael, CA 94901

2019 | Jan. 6, 20. Feb. 3, 17. Mar. 3, 17, 31. Apr. 7, 21. May 5, 18. Jun. 2, 16, 30. July. 14, 28. Aug. 11, 25. 18. Sept. 8, 22. Oct. 6, 20. Nov. 3, 17. Dec. 1, 15, 29.
Every other Sunday beginning January 6th. This meditation will focus on forgiveness for yourself and for others. There will be a short guided suggested format for this meditation followed by 45 minutes of forgiveness.
Forgiveness meditation is not intended to relieve anyone of their responsibility for their actions. Rather, the meditation is meant to allow you personally to let go of the toxic nature of holding on to hurts, shame, pain, resentment, hatred, thoughts of revenge and any other toxic energies stored up in your mind, body and heart. Letting go of these unwholesome karmic attachments will lead to freedom and opening to more positive wholesome states. The karmic entanglements of the past will keep one on the wheel of samsara, bound to habitual habit patterns, unless recognized, acknowledged and released.  For this reason, forgiveness meditation is an essential part of regular meditation practice.
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