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Pure Dzogchen | Teacher Geshe Namgyal

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VENDANTA  WORKSHOP | Teacher Arlindo Mores


Teacher: Alindo Moreas  |  September 15 & 16

Saturday : Morning  10a-12:30p | Afternoon  2:30p-5:30p

Sunday : Morning  10a-12:30p | Afternoon  2:30p-5:30p

35.00 Donation

“…it wasn’t until Alindo Moreas found Vedanta that he knew he had found a whole and complete teaching methodology to actualize self-knowledge. “

The Bhagavad Gita, the essence of the Vedas and a complete scripture in itself, presents Karma Yoga, a powerful tool for managing your emotions and Jnana Yoga, the knowledge of duality and non-duality that culminates in the permanent experience of yourself as ever-present, unconditional non-dual love.

Tattva Bodha (Knowledge of Truth) was written by Adi Shankaracharya in the Eighth Century and is considered the definitive introductory text for the study and realization of the non-dual nature of the Self. Vedanta refers to the texts at the end of each Veda whose subject is Self-knowledge. When you acquire Self-knowledge you no longer have a doubt about whom/what you are, and the nature of reality. It is the desire of all people to be permanently happy, peaceful, satisfied. In other words, to be free of limitation and only by understanding that one is the limitless universal Self, can this desire be realized.”

About Arlindo Mores

Arlindo teaches Vedanta under the lineage of James Swartz. His style of teaching is simple, clear and direct. Arlindo is a refined and gentle soul and the teachings are unfolded in a kind and loving manner. Arlindo was born in Brazil and in his twenties, after having had a challenging upbringing, he went to India and became a devotee of Osho, and later spent time with H.W. L. Poonja in Lucknow. He was also strongly influenced by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. After a lot of deep soul-searching, meditation and contemplation Arlindo realised his true nature and began to teach. However, it wasn’t until he was exposed to the teachings of Vedanta in the form of James Swartz’s book “How to Attain Enlightenment, that he knew he had found a whole and complete teaching methodology to actualize self-knowledge. Arlindo is a dedicated disciple of James Swartz and is endorsed to teach Vedanta in his lineage.