Let’s continue our amazing collage process… even if we can not meet in person!

I am offering these curated collage surprise packets—putting them together with love and sending them to you via USPS.

You’ll find below the “theme” packets. Please select the one(s) you are interested in receiving and place your order. You’ll get it in a few days.

Pick a color based on the chakra color and energy description associated with the color. Scroll down and pick from seven color families listed below!

Above are sample packets of Green and Pinkish Purple. Every packet is unique.

It will be your challenge to put together the collage elements in your own unique way to bring out your amazing visual expression/message.

Sharing our creative process is a big part of the collage process. So I am asking you each to send me pics of your final art and I’ll post them on the OpenEye Facebook page (www.facebook.com/OpenEyeMindfulSpace/). Send OpenEye a friend request. We’ll go there to share and connect around our collage pieces.

There are color themes packets (based on the 7 chakras energy centers) and I’ll be offering a couple others to choose from too.

The packet includes: several hand curated collage elements, ranging from larger background pieces and textures, to smaller detail pieces , (1) card to place your collage on, (1) folded card stock sheet you may also choose to use to place your collage on, like a greeting card format. There will also be a little surprise of perhaps bling jewels, or glitter. All you need is your glue stick and scissors!

*Cost: 16.00 per packet | free shipping


* Thank you for helping OpenEye MIndful Space to keep the creativity and mindfulness space open and alive!


Tarané, Founder OpenEye Mindful Space

Your collage elements will be primarily in the RED tones and color range.

RED Root Chakra | Mūlādhāra | Earth Element | Security, Survival, Sensuality,
Reproduction, Stability | Hormones, Endrocrine System | Located between reproductive organs and elimination organs | Seat of Kundalini Energy.

Your collage elements will be primarily in the ORANGE tones and color.

ORANGE Sacral Chakra | Svādhishthāna | Water Element | Self Expression, Gut Feeling, Intuition, Emotions, Sexual Vigor, Pleasure | Seeds of Creativity| Focus of (Chi) movement practices like Tai Chi | Located just below the navel

Your collage elements will be primarily in the YELLOW tones and color.

YELLOW Solar Plexus | Manipūra | Fire Element | Personaity, Identity, Will Power, Action, Self Worth, Growth | Digestion, Metabolism, Process | Located between navel and heart

Your collage elements will be primarily in the GREEN tones and color.

GREEN Heart Chakra | Anahata | Air Element |Compassion, Love, Devotion, Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gateway to Spiritual Development | Located in the center of the chest | Lungs,
Immune, Circulatory & Lymphatic systems

Your collage elements will be primarily in the SKY BLUE tones and color.

SKY BLUE Throat Chakra | Vishuddhi | Ether Element | Detoxification, Purification, Manifestation of Words Clarity, Surmounting Problems and Inhibitions, Singing & Linguistic Skills | Located at Throat | Bridge from Body to Spirit | Thyroid

Your collage elements will be primarily in the INDIGO BLUE tones and color.

INDIGO BLUE Third Eye Chakra | Āgyā | Life Force Element | Seat of the Inner Guru | Boundary Between Human & Divine Consciousness | Wisdom, Divine Intuition, Discrimination | Located at the center of forehead between eyebrow | Pineal Gland, Circadian Rhythms

Your collage elements will be primarily in the PURPLE PINK tones and color.

PURPLE PINK Crown Chakra | Sahasrāra | Pinkish Violet Purple, White or All Colors | The crown is a 1000 petaled flower symbolic of infinity | Divine Consciousness | The divine arising of radiant purity from the murky waters | Located at the crown of the head | Liberation | Union | Nervous System, Brain