Centering Mandala Collage Meditation Series

3 Sessions | come to one or all three


Carl Jung refers to the mandala pattern as the “archetype of wholeness.”


Aug. 24 | Saturday| 1-4pm  |  CLICK TO REGISTER

Sept.7 | Saturday 7 | 1-4pm  |  CLICK TO REGISTER

Sept. 29 | Sunday| 1-4pm  |  CLICK TO REGISTER

(1) Session + All Supplies 35.00



This creative process starts with a short guided meditation. Then we’ll get into a creative flow as we work with centering and calming mandala art. You’ll start with a preprinted basic mandala shape (14″ circle) of concentric circles and the circles are also divided up into 4 quadrants. To create your mandala collage there will a variety of materials to choose from. There will be a wide selection of patterned papers and curated collage images set out for you. You’ll have time to browse and select what you intuitively feel drawn to, discovering what you’d like to incorporate into your centering mandala—enjoying the balancing that comes from working with symmetry—while soaking in the calm, relaxation and soothing music in the peaceful setting of the meditation room.


The mandala is a template for the mind, a state of peace and order, a resolution of the chaos within. In Carl Jung’s words, “Working with the structured pattern of the mandala—a circular image of this kind, compensates for the disorder and confusion of the psychic state—through the construction of a central point to which everything is related.” – C. Jung

Mandala derives from the Hindu language meaning ‘concentric energy circle.’ A circle represents protection, good fortune, and completion. Mandalas link with the spiraling movement of consciousness, sacred geometry, psychology and healing.

The quaternary pattern imposed upon the circle symbolizes the application of an orderly architecture upon the infinity of the cosmos. It gives the psyche a safe place on which to stand, a solid foundation upon which it can gather itself to achieve completeness and harmony. Furthermore, the central point is the reference point for the self to identify with.

The mandala is an unconscious state in which all opposites come together and are united, where the polar aspects of the cosmos and the individual can become one. This union of opposites is the very process by which we achieve wholeness, and through which we find peace.