Deepen Your Meditation with Wholesome States

Guided Hypno-Meditation | Deepen Your Meditation with Wholesome States | Guide: Tarané Sayler

7-8pm Pacific | Tuesday March 9th | Offered Freely

Arrive on time to be let in to the Zoom session. Entrance will close at 7:05.

You are invited to join in this moment of going inward to deeper meditation and wholesome states. I’ll gently guide you through a meditation deepener and into the felt experience of what the Buddha calls cultivating wholesome states in meditation.

Hypno-Meditation As some of you may know, I like to bring some of my skills as a certified hypnotherapist into my love of guided meditation. Really meditation and hypnosis have interesting similarities in that they both activate the parasympathetic nervous system as you move into the alpha brain wave state of relaxation and receptive stillness. You can learn more about my hypnotherapy practice at:

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